This is a small game i made of about 3 *ish* levels, with the main gimmick being that you can split your character into two (and split those two, and the resulting 4, etc)

The resulting offspring of the character will each inherit half the stats of the parent, so 1/2 the hp, 1/2 the max hp & 1/2 the fire rate

Its not very polished and there's so many janky collision stuff but i think it went alright for never having made a proper project in godot

Updated 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
TagsTop down shooter

Install instructions

No requirements except for web & mac os:

web requires a http server to be running. I dont know how to do this without the godot editor. have fun figuring that one out :)

macos has a weird xattr thing goin on with the zip saying its broken, try clearing those in terminal with `xattr -c`


LCGG Windows 32 MB
LCGG Linux 33 MB
LCGG Macos (might not work lol) 25 MB


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You can walk through walls by splitting next to them a few times, and then rejoining a while later

yeah its hella janky, initially i wanted to have it only rejoin once two members were touching but kinda ran out of steam before improving that, so it just spawns a new guy at the average position between the two regardless of obstacles